About United Bin Cleaners

Eco-friendly Bin Cleaning Service

United Bin Cleaners is a locally owned and run bin cleaning company that provides onsite eco-friendly trash and recycle bin cleaning service to both residential and commercial property owners. We’re offering a low-cost solution to the problem of unsanitary, dirty bins by washing, sanitizing and deodorizing them regularly using our specialized bin cleaning equipment. We also recycle all water used in the bin cleaning process and only make use of biodegradable chemicals that kill 99.9% of all known germs.

Don’t clean your trash bins yourself!

Most people use a garden hose for rinsing and spraying – the problem: the water used is not hot enough to sanitize the bin. Also, you may use as much as fifty gallons of water to clean and rinse your bins; This is a problem because the process doesn’t conserve water
You’ll probably also use detergent soap or bleach, but this is not eco-friendly as the contaminated water flows into the storm drains.

How we work

Using specially designed bin cleaning equipment your trash and recycle bins are degreased and cleaned under high-pressure jets which remove dirt and germs from both inside and outside the bin. All of this takes place inside our vehicle so no mess is made and water gets on your property. After washing, the bins are then coated with a disinfectant and deodorizer, then returned to your property.

Why Choose United Bin Cleaners?


We acknowledge our responsibility to safeguard and contribute positively to the environment and the communities within which we operate, so we ensure that all our products and processes are 100% eco-friendly.

Our Principles

We believe that everyone is responsible for their impact on the environment. We believe in employee empowerment, the prevention of pollution and complying with relevant legislation and approved codes of practice. Because of this, our number one goal is to ensure that all of our activities are operated safely and in compliance with our Health and Safety Policy.

Efficient. Effective. Affordable
  • Our system is effective and self-contained, allowing us to professionally clean your bins without disturbing you or your neighbors.
  • We recycle all water and comply with local and state water regulations.
  • Our natural solvents kill 99% of germs, fungi, and virus.
  • We only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents when needed.
  • We wash hot and rinse cold.
  • Bins are washed with a biodegradable cleaner and then deodorized.